What to Expect

The Initial Consultation

On your first visit, you will talk with our team of dental professionals about your goals for your new smile. You can ask the team all of your questions, share your concerns, and get in-depth answers about every aspect of the dental implant procedure.

After speaking extensively with the dental team, you’ll undergo a 3D scan in addition to the typical x-ray session. The scan helps our team develop the best approach to your future dental implants and placement of your Teeth-in-a-Day arch.

Once the team agrees on the treatment plan, you will receive a quote for the total cost of the implant procedure, including your post-operative check-ups and all the necessary components for a successful treatment. Your team will also discuss payment plans and financing options, as we believe that cost should never be a barrier to your dream smile.

Before Your Procedure

The second step is to undergo a complete oral examination. This step is much like a typical check-up but features the addition of a prosthesis mold. Your dental team may take molds of your teeth and gums to begin shaping and designing your new permanent teeth. Also a physician’s clearance and all appropriate health questionnaires and consents will be obtained and reviewed, so our anesthesiologist can plan to comfortably perform IV sedation for the procedure.

During Your Procedure

Typically, the first procedure is to remove existing natural teeth that are no longer healthy. In almost all cases, your dentist will place the implants on the same day as the extraction. In rare cases, patients will need to fully heal before placing the implants.

After placing the implants in the most ideal locations along the arch, an impression or digital scan of the implants will be taken, so temporary or permanent prosthetic teeth can be fabricated and delivered the next day. Patients will typically follow a soft-food diet with their new teeth for a few weeks while the newly placed implants integrate and bond with the jaw bone for structured integrity.

Check-ups and Cleaning Appointments

Each patient will have a series of post-operative check-ups and exams as needed that allow your dental team to check your healing and bonding progress.

Cleaning appointments are recommended every 6 months thereafter.

Now that the implant procedure is complete, you can smile, eat, and enjoy your restored smile.

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